International Cintron Premium Energy Drink range launched in South Africa!
February 28, 2015

The Cintron brand is positioning itself as a‘premier luxury lifestyle beverage brand’,enjoyed by the international jet set, and is served at fashionable events such as music concerts, fashion shows, and polo tournaments...

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Lion’s Head Hike with Cintron Energy Drink
February 12, 2015

about it. For me this is one of the absolute best things to do in Cape Town. I think I’ve probably climbed it 100 times and it never ever gets old. However, after a night consuming copious amounts of Pravada Vodka, followed by some dancing on tables…..Let’s just say I was in need of an energy boost. Enter Cintron Energy Drink, without it I would have never made it to the top.

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Pravda Vodka Cocktails With a Splash of Cintron (blog of And Lollipops, now Clouds Drummond)
February 03, 2015

Recipe-wise, life could not be easier; one shot of Pradva vodka, a few ice cubes topped with your favorite flavored Cintron. All the best things in life are this simple...

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