Cintron Classic

Our smooth Cintron Classic has a refreshing mix of citrus flavors, creating a distinct, original taste that is unmatched. Get the benefits of an energy drink while feeling good about the wholesome mineral water and light natural sweetener of organic cane sugar. You only put the best ON your body. So, why not put the best IN your body?

Our 60 calorie sparkling energy beverage offers energy from 14 grams of simple sugars, which is 45% fewer calories and 48% less sugars than other leading energy drinks.

* Made with water from the Austrian Alps
* Excellent source of Vitamin B6 & B12
* Rich in Niacin & Pantothenic Acid
* No High Fructose Corn Syrup
* No Aspartame
* Gluten-Free
* Non-GMO
* Suitable for Vegans
* Halal Certified

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